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Operating System Project and Seminar

Project (9 CP/6 weekly hours) 0432 L 567 in SS 2014


News, forums, slides and other resources are available on the module's ISIS-page. Please register yourself using the module's registration form in ISIS.


Schneider, Koch, Nguyen
to be announced
project group meeting
Limited number of participants!

Star: 15.04.2014


Informatik, Technische Informatik, ICT Innovation (MSc): Mandatory course in module Operating System Project and Seminar


ENOCTF2 – Developing an International Security Competition


Since eight years, the students of the AG Rechnersicherheit participate with their team ENOFLAG in international security competitions (CTF). Now, we want to challenge the security experts from around the world again with our own contest. In such a contest, the teams analyze the software which was specifically written for the contest – including some intended vulnerabilities. These vulnerabilities have to be detected and fixed by the participants before one of the other teams starts to exploit them. During this project course, we want to develop a number of programs which can be used as a challenge in a security contest. Furthermore, we need a high available infrastructure to connect with the worldwide distributed players, to securely provide one or more virtual machines for each team, and for a fair accounting of the points.


No special security knowledge is required to participate. However, advanced programming skills and some background in security are a plus. In the beginning of the course, we organize a small contest such that everyone in the course will have some CTF contest experience. Then during the seminar phase, we collect ideas for potential vulnerabilities and how they could be incorporated in the contest. After implementing these ideas in the project phase, we will have rehearsal session of the contest in August 2014. The actual contest will be organized afterwards and is not part of the course work.

Learning outcomes

  • Successful teamwork
  • Self-organization (roles, mile stones, interfaces, …)
  • Insight into current research


  • Active continuous attendance
  • Seminar presentation
  • Seminar paper
  • Successful participation in the project
  • Technical documentation
  • Presentation of project results