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EAMCsched - Model-based holistic operating system support for energy-efficient operation of heterogeneous many-core systems

Modern many-core systems offer through hardware support several
possibilities for energy consumption reduction and optimization of their
performance. There is however, a discrepancy between the availability of
such means and their target-oriented usage. The reasons behind this are
on one hand, the inflexible operating system design, which cannot keep
up with the technological advances and simultaneously the fact that
operating systems do not posses enough information about the system. In
particular, the energy consumption behaviour of applications is not well
understood, which would then allow the optimal utilization of the
available hardware.

In this research project these issues will be tackled through a holistic
approach. As a first step models will be created that represent hardware
and applications without dependencies on specific technologies. Based on
those models, flexible composable mechanisms can be created that control
the hardware and applications while simultaneously collect information
from them. Through this information, the operating system will then be
able to create a whole image of the system's behaviour. With these
observations it is then possible to create an instruction plan for the
operating system, one that reaches the optimal system state by targeted
hardware and application control.

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