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Welcome to research group KBS

The research group KBS (Communication and Operating Systems) deals with problems that are traditionally associated with operating systems but have now to be seen in the larger context of internet-based systems. The long-term goal is to build a reliable and scalable infrastructure for distributed applications that transparently provides solutions to the problems of distribution, heterogeneity, efficiency, and security. To put it more pithily with current buzzwords: We are working towards a self-organizing Grid operating system.

In teaching we are involved in basic undergraduate education and offer advanced courses to operating systems, distributed systems, middleware, cluster- and grid-computing, dependability, security and performance evaluation. We emphasize on conveying fundamental concepts, methods and algorithms that are essential prerequisites for developing complex distributed systems. more...

In research our umbrella topic is resource management in a wide sense. We address the question who may access or use what, how, how long and to what extent. This includes particular topics like scheduling, partitioning, placement, access control, or accounting. The spectrum of domains we consider ranges from parallel computing over internet-based services down to mobile and embedded devices. more...


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