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Operating System Project and Seminar

Project (9 CP/6 weekly hours) 0432 L 567 in SS 2017


Registration: ISIS

All further information, forums, and slides can be found on the course's webpage on the learning platform ISIS from April, 1st. 


Tue 18.04.
2 - 4 pm
EN 354
Introductory lecture
Tue 02.05.
2 - 4 pm
EN 354
Distrubition of seminar topics
Tue 09.05.
2 - 4 pm
EN 354
Lecture on the project's topic 
Tue 16.05.
2 - 4 pm
EN 354
Seminar presentations
Tue 23.05.
2 - 4 pm
EN 354
Seminar presentations
Tue 02.06.
2 - 4 pm
EN 354
Projekt Kick-Off
from June, 6th onwards
weekly project meeting Tue 2 to 4 pm and TBD


Start: April 18th, 2017 


Informatik, Technische Informatik, ICT Innovation (MSc): Mandatory course in module Operating System Project


In the recent years, the performance of computer systems has been increased mainly by an increasing specialization. As a result, the use of hardware accelerators such as GPUs, Xeon Phis, or FPGAs becomes more common. Today, these are mainly managed in the userspace rather than the operating system's kernel.


The aim of this year's project is to enable the Linux kernel to manage hardware accelerators and to take them into consideration for scheduling decisions. This shall be done using already existing results of the chair's research. The steps necessary for the realisation shall be examined and prototypically realized for one or more hardware accelerators.


Learning outcomes

  • Successful teamwork
  • Self-organization (roles, mile stones, interfaces, …)
  • Insight into current research


  • Active continuous attendance
  • Seminar presentation
  • Seminar paper
  • Successful participation in the project
  • Technical documentation
  • Presentation of project results



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