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Hot Topics in OS & DS

Seminar (3 CP/2 weekly hours) 0432 L 539 in SoSe 2018


News, slides, and other resources are available on the ISIS-page of the course. Please register yourself using the module's registration form.


10 - 12 am
EN 354

Start: 17.04.2018


Informatik (MSc) and Technische Informatik (MSc): Equivalent to module Hot Topics in OS & DS


  •  Smart-Phone based P2P recommendation system about teachers preserving student's privacy


The project investigates applying state of the art peer to peer technologies to achieve secure communication between participants to leverage crowd wisdom preserving the privacy of each peer.


  • Graphical programming to boost parallelism through design patterns


Futures is an innovative concept for task communication in the safe programming language Rust. The project investigates how to exploit it this concept to achieve high parallelism in a user friendly way, specially using graphical views.

Stream Processing allows inherently good parallelseim.

PiCo (Pipeline Composition) is an environment, for this programming model using C++ as base language.

The project investigates the usability of this model and ways to provide a proper graphical representation.


  •   Worst case execution time analysis for real time systems: current state and tools


Worst case execution time (WCET) analysis is the foundation for predictability in real-time applications.

The project investigates current approaches in runtime analysis of real-time applications . This covers execution models, tools and methods suitable for modern architectures (e.g. ARM, MIPS).


We are especially interested in the behavior of memory access patterns, searching through structured data and indexing.


Attendees autonomously elaborate the state of the art in the respective research area and report about their gathered knowledge in an oral presentation as well as in a written seminar paper. 


  • Active continuous attendance
  • Seminar presentation
  • Seminar paper