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IT Security Lab: Vulnerability Assessment

Praktikum (4 SWS) 0432 L 554 im WS 2012/13


EN 181
This lecture was developed and is hold together with the students of AG Rechnersicherheit [1].

Start: 18.10.2012.
Registration: Please pre-register by 18.10. on our ISIS course [2].


The aim of the course is to give hands-on experience with IT security. Several complex scenarios are provided, that will be analyzed and handled independently by the students in order to develop strategies to assess the security of a system. The scenarios are based on real world, practical experience.

As part of the course, it is planned to take part in an international security competition (e.g. UCSB iCTF or RuCTFe).


Students who have successfully finished the course will be able to select the right approach and tools to analyze unknown software and systems for security problems. Furthermore, they will be able to apply best practice in Computer Forensic. They will be able to assess the significance of their findings and to explain it to a non-expert.


In weekly meetings, the needed basics are taught and the new exercises are introduced. After each exercise, the solution of the exercises and the lessons learned by the students will be discussed. Additionally, there will be one larger scenario to be solved during the whole semester. At the end of the semester, the students will present one practical experiment in a talk.

More information and the material of the course is available on the eLearning platform ISIS [3].


The course is the only component of the modul MINF-SE-SecLab, but can be also taken as part of BINF-KT-RechS/PR [4] by Bachelor students.


  • KBS-Module [5]
  • Modulbeschreibung Betriebssystempraktikum 19.09.2017 [6]
  • Modulbeschreibung Embedded Operating Systems 19.09.2017 [7]
  • Modulbeschreibung Grundlagen der Rechnersicherheit 19.09.2017 [8]
  • Modulbeschreibung Hot Topics in Operating Systems and Distributed Systems 19.09.2017 [9]
  • Modulbeschreibung Information Security Management 19.09.2017 [10]
  • Modulbeschreibung IT Security Lab Vulnerability Assessment 19.09.2017 [11]
  • Modulbeschreibung KBS Bachelor Projekt 19.09.2017 [12]
  • Modulbeschreibung KBS Bachelor Seminar 19.09.2017 [13]
  • Modulbeschreibung Operating System Design 19.09.2017 [14]
  • Modulbeschreibung Operating System Project Seminar 19.09.2017 [15]


Jörg Schneider
+49 30 314-73388
Raum EN 357
joerg.schneider@tu-berlin.de [16]
Webseite [17]


Sebastian Koch
+49 30 314-73389
Raum EN 360
E-Mail-Anfrage [18]
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