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Important information!

Dear participants,

As more than thrice than allowed have enrolled themselves in this course, the participants of the course need to be selected. For the matter of fairness, the participants will be selected by the drawing of lots. Each student enrolled in ISIS has the same chance. If you are not registered, you will not be part of the drawing.

We will draw the lots in the first lecture next Wednesday. We are very sorry, but we do not have the capacity to teach more than 70 students. Please search for other courses as we cannot accept more than 20 students in the course. 



Fundaments of Information Security Management

Lecture (4 SWS) 0432 L 597 in WS 2016/17


November 2nd (single appointment!)
16-20 Uhr
BH-N 128
16-20 Uhr
E-N 193


Limited number of participants!

Please register at the ISIS-page of the course.

The registration is closed due to the number of participants exceeding the maximum allowed number of participants!

Starting date: 02.11.2016


The language of the lecture is English.


Introduction, Information Security Management Systems (ISMS)
Relevant Standards: The ISO 27000 family
Relevant Standards: The German "IT-Grundschutz" approach
Security Policies
Security Analyses and Security Analysis Methodologies
Security Awareness and Social Engineering
Introduction to Business Continuity Management
Measuring Information Security
Introduction to Computer Forensics
Introduction to Data Protection and Privacy
Methods and concepts will also be trained in group exercises.


The course consists of introductory lectures covering various areas of interest related to information security. The lectures are based on best practices and national and international standards. Within the exercises, the different methods will be trained in groups. Participants will work on case studies in written assignments.


Participants get to know the relevant areas covered by the Information Security Management discipline. They will be trained in different aspects of the security management process, along with practical exercises covering different topics and methods. This includes the prevailing national and international standards in this field.


Participants should have a general knowledge about information systems and networks (no specialist skills required) and an interest in security and management processes.



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