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Online Mesh Refinement for Parallel Atmospheric Models
Zitatschlüssel Schepke2013
Autor Claudio Schepke and Nicolas Maillard and Jörg Schneider and Hans-Ulrich Heiss
Seiten 552-569
Jahr 2013
ISSN 0885-7458
Journal International Journal of Parallel Programming
Jahrgang 41
Nummer 4
Monat August
Verlag Springer
Zusammenfassung Forecast precisions of climatological models are limited by computing power and time available for the executions. As more and faster processors are used in the computation, the resolution of the mesh adopted to represent the Earth’s atmosphere can be increased, and consequently the numerical forecast is more accurate. However, a finer mesh resolution, able to include local phenomena in a global atmosphere integration, is still not possible due to the large number of data elements to compute in this case. To overcome this situation, different mesh refinement levels can be used at the same time for different areas of the domain. Thus, our paper evaluates how mesh refinement at run time (online) can improve performance for climatological models.The online mesh refinement (OMR) increases dynamically mesh resolution in parts of a domain,when special atmosphere conditions are registered during the execution. Experimental results show that the execution of a model improved by OMR provides better resolution for the meshes, without any significant increase of execution time. The parallel performance of the simulations is also increased through the creation of threads in order to explore different levels of parallelism.
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Jörg Schneider