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Measuring Fragmentation of Two-Dimensional Resources Applied to Advance Reservation Grid Scheduling
Zitatschlüssel Gehr2009
Autor Julius Gehr and Jörg Schneider
Buchtitel Proceedings of 9th International Symposium on Cluster Computing and the Grid (CCGrid 09)
Jahr 2009
Zusammenfassung Whenever a resource allocation fails although enough free capacity being available, fragmentation is easily spotted as cause. But how the fragmentation in a system requiring continuous allocations like time schedules or memory can be quantified is hardly analyzed. A Grid environment using advance reservation even combines two-dimensions: time and resource dimension. In this paper a new way to measure the fragmentation of a system in one dimension is proposed. This measure is then extended to incorporate also the second dimension. Extensive simulations showed that the proposed fragmentation measure is a good indicator of the state of the system.
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Jörg Schneider