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Publications of KBS

(2009). 6th Middleware Doctoral Symposium. MDS '09: Proceedings of the 6th Middleware Doctoral Symposium. ACM.

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(2007). Proceedings of the Inaugural Conference on Distributed Event-Based Systems. Proceedings of the Inaugural Conference on Distributed Event-Based Systems. ACM Press.

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Mohammad Shadi Al-Hakeem and Hans-Ulrich Heiß (2010). Adaptive Scheduling for Staged Applications: The Case of Multiple Processing Units. Fifth International Conference on Internet and Web Applications and Services (ICIW 2010). IEEE Computer Society, 51-60.

Mohammad Shadi Al-Hakeem and Jan Richling and Gero Mühl and Hans-Ulrich Heiß (2009). An Adaptive Scheduling Policy for Staged Applications. Fourth International Conference on Internet and Web Applications and Services (ICIW 2009). IEEE.

Mohammad Shadi Alhakeem and Peter Munk and Raphael Lisicki and Helge Parzyjegla and Gero Muehl (2015). A Framework for Adaptive Software-Based Reliability in COTS Many-Core Processors. Proceedings, ARCS 2015 - The 28th International Conference on Architecture of Computing Systems., 1-4.

Peter Altenbernd and Lars-Olof Burchard and Friedhelm Stappert (2000). Worst-Case Execution Times Analysis of MPEG-2 Decoding. 12th Euromicro Conference on Real Time Systems, Stockholm, Sweden.

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Anselm Busse, Reinhardt Karnapke, Hans-Ulrich Heiss (2015). CoBaS: Introducing a Component Based Scheduling Framework. 6th Workshop on Applications for Multi-Core Architecture. IEEE.


Stefan Behnel and Ludger Fiege and Gero Mühl (2006). On Quality-of-Service and Publish/Subscribe. 5th Intl. Workshop on Distributed Event-based Systems (DEBS'06). IEEE Press, 20.

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Andreas Bergmann and Jörg Schneider and Hans-Ulrich Heiß (2007). Behandlung offener Netzwerkverbindungen bei Prozessmigration. Proceedings of 21. PARS Workshop

Sandra Beyer and Stefan Lohs and Jörg Nolte and Reinhardt Karnapke and Gerry Siegemund (2015). Self-Stabilizing Structures for Data Gathering in Wireless Sensor Networks. Proceedings of the International Conference on Sensor Technologies and Applications (Sensorcomm), 71-76.

Sandra Beyer and Stefan Lohs and Reinhardt Karnapke and Jörg Nolte (2014). Self-Stabilizing Aggregation- and Reduction-Structures for Wireless Sensor Networks. 13. GI/ITG KuVS Fachgespräch Drahtlose Sensornetze, Berichte Institut für Informatik und Computational Science, Technical Report UP, ISSN 0946-7580, TR-2014-1, 13 - 16.

Brian Blake and William Cheung and Michael C. Jaeger and Andreas Wombacher (2006). WSC-06: The Web Service Challenge. Proceedings of the IEEE Joint Conference on E-Commerce Technology (CEC'06) and Enterprise Computing, E-Commerce and E-Services (EEE'06). IEEE Press, 422–423.

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Christian Breuker and Holger Nitsche and Hans-Ulrich Heiss (2002). Proaktives Lastmanagement von SAP R/3 Systemen.. Tagungsband 1. Fachgespräch Applikationsmanagement GI Fachgruppe 3.1.4 und 3.3.1: Applikationsmanagement im Zeichen des E-Business, Karlsruhe

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Marcin Brzozowski and Reinhardt Karnapke and Jörg Nolte (2007). IMPACT - A Family of Cross-Layer Transmission Protocols for Wireless Sensor Networks. The First International Workshop on Research Challenges in Next Generation Networks for First Responders and Critical Infrastructures (NetCri 07), in conjunction with 26th IEEE IPCCC

Alejandro P. Buchmann and Christof Bornhövd and Mariano Cilia and Ludger Fiege and Felix C. Gärtner and Christoph Liebig and Matthias Meixner and Gero Mühl (2004). Web Dynamics: Adapting to Change in Content, Size, Topology and Use. Springer, 319–352.

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Lars-Olof Burchard and Hans-Ulrich Heiss and Barry Linnert and Jörg Schneider and Odej Kao and Matthias Hovestadt and Felix Heine and Axel Keller (2006). The Virtual Resource Manager: Local Autonomy versus QoS Guarantees for Grid Applications. Future Generation Grids

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Lars-Olof Burchard (2005). Networks with Advance Reservations: Applications, Architecture, and Performance. Journal of Network and Systems Management. Kluwer Academic Publishers, 429–449.

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Lars-Olof Burchard (2005). Analysis of Data Structures for Admission Control of Advance Reservation Requests. IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering

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