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Self-Stabilizing Publish/Subscribe Systems: Algorithms and Evaluation
Citation key Muehletal:2005:SelfStabPubSub
Author Gero Mühl and Michael A. Jaeger and Klaus Herrmann and Torben Weis and Ludger Fiege and Andreas Ulbrich
Title of Book Proceedings of the 11th European Conference on Parallel Processing (Euro-Par 2005)
Pages 664–674
Year 2005
ISBN 3-540-28700-0
Address Lisbon, Portugal
Volume 3648
Month aug
Editor José C. Cunha and Pedro D. Medeiros
Publisher Springer-Verlag
Series Lecture Notes in Computer Science (LNCS)
Abstract Most research in the area of publish/subscribe systems has not considered fault-tolerance as a central design issues. However, faults do obviously occur and masking all faults is at least expensive if not impossible. A potential alternative (or sensible supplementation) to fault masking is self-stabilization which allows a system to recover from arbitrary transient faults such as memory perturbations, communication errors, and process crashes with subsequent recoveries. In this paper we discuss how publish/subscribe systems can be made selfstabilizing by using self-stabilizing content-based routing. When the time between consecutive faults is long enough, corrupted parts of the routing tables are removed, while correct parts are refreshed in time, and missing parts are inserted. To judge the eciency of self-stabilizing content-based routing, we compare it to ooding, which is the nave implementation of a self-stabilizing publish/subscribe system. We show that our approach is superior to ooding for a large range of practical settings.
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