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Management of Media Assets in Large Scale Server Networks
Citation key BL00a
Author Lars-Olof Burchard and Reinhard L├╝ling
Title of Book Intl. Conference on Internet and Multimedia Systems and Applications 2000, Las Vegas, USA.
Pages 115–120
Year 2000
Abstract In this paper, a management system for the implementation of large scale distributed media streaming applications is presented. The architecture makes use of distributed media servers, each holding a subset of the overall content. Since content management is a key issue, the management software "Distributed Server Management System"(DSMS) is presented, designed to deal with an arbitrarily large number of clients and able to handle a network of distributed servers located at arbitrary nodes in a network. The DSMS automatically replicates media streams, thus achieving that each client connected to the server network can transparently access media streams stored on any of the servers on the network, independent from its physical location. In order to efficiently utilize the network and storage capacities of the available servers, planning algorithms based on simulated annealing heuristics are used to place assets as close to the clients as possible. These algorithms make extensive use of media replication and transcoding of media streams with di bit rates. This paper describes the implementation of the DSMS software as well as an integration into the distributed video information system of a german company.
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