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Decentralized Dynamic Load Balancing: The Particles Approach.
Citation key HS93
Author Hans-Ulrich Heiss and Michael Schmitz
Title of Book Proc. 8th Int. Symp. on Computer and Information Sciences, Istanbul, Turkey
Year 1993
Month nov
Abstract We consider the problem of mapping tasks to processor nodes at run-time in multiprogrammed multicomputer systems (i.e. message passing MIMD-systems). Besides load balancing, the goal is to place intensively communicating tasks close together to minimize communication delays. Since the placement has to be done at run-time by migrating tasks, migration cost are also considered. Our decentralized approach is inspired by a physical analogy: Tasks are considered as particles acted upon by forces. Each aspect of the allocation goal is modeled by a dedicated force. Migration activities cease, when a stable situation with balanced forces is reached. Simulations for multiprogrammed hypercube and 2D-grid topologies confirmed the usefulness and suggests superiority of this more general approach to other decentralized algorithms for the environment considered.
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