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A Safe and User-Friendly Graphical Programming Model for Parallel Stream Processing
Citation key Sydow:2018:PDP
Author S. Sydow and Mohannad Nabelsee and H. Parzyjegla and P. Herber
Title of Book 2018 26th Euromicro International Conference on Parallel, Distributed and Network-based Processing (PDP)
Pages 239-243
Year 2018
ISSN 2377-5750
DOI 10.1109/PDP2018.2018.00040
Month March
Abstract Writing correct and efficient parallel programs is hard. A lack of overview leads to errors in control- and dataflow, e.g., race conditions, which are hard to find due to their nondeterministic nature. In this paper, we present a graphical programming model for parallel stream processing applications, which improves the overview by visualizing high level dataflow together with explicit and concise annotations for concurrency-related dependency information. The key idea of our approach is twofold: First, we present a powerful graphical task editor together with annotations that enable the designer to define stream properties, task dependencies, and routing information. These annotations facilitate fine-granular and correct parallelization. Second, we propose seamless integration with the safe parallel programming language Rust by providing automated code structure generation from the graphical representation, design patterns for common parallel programming constructs like filters, and a scheduling and runtime environment. We demonstrate the applicability of our approach with a network-based processing system as it is typically found in advanced firewalls.
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