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List-based Data Structures for Efficient Management of Advance Reservations
Citation key Schneider2014
Author Jörg Schneider and Barry Linnert
Pages 77-93
Year 2014
ISSN 0885-7458
Journal International Journal of Parallel Programming
Volume 42
Number 1
Month February
Editor Utpal Banerjee and Nicholas Carriero and Alexandru Nicolau
Publisher Springer
Abstract Complex eScience and other sophisticated applications in the field of HPC imply new demands that queuing based resource management systems cannot meet. To guarantee Quality of Service and co-allocation in the Grid, planning based resource management systems implementing advance reservation are needed. These systems face new challenges as a planning based management system has to keep track of the jobs and reservations in the future. Additionally, during the negotiation process of incoming reservations, a good overview of the remaining, not-yet reserved capacity is needed–-not only for the current allocation, but also for the whole book-ahead time. Therefore, the resource management problem becomes a two dimensional problem for advance reservations in this field. In this paper different data structures are investigated and discussed in order to fit to planning based resource management. As a result the benefits of using lists of resource allocation or free blocks are exposed. This general idea widely used to manage continuous resources is extended to cover not only the resource dimension but also the time dimension. The list of blocks approach is evaluated in a Grid level and a local resource management system for a computing cluster. The extensive simulations showed a better runtime and higher reservation success rate compared with the currently favored approach of a slotted time and the more sophisticated approach based on AVL trees.
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