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Ranked Matching for Service Descriptions using DAML-S
Zitatschlüssel JaTa:2004:damlsmatcher
Autor Michael C. Jaeger and Stefan Tang
Buchtitel Proceedings of CAiSE'04 Workshops Vol.1
Seiten 217–228
Jahr 2004
ISBN 9984-9767-1-8
Adresse Riga, Latvia
Monat jun
Herausgeber Janis Grundspenkis and Marite Kirikova
Verlag Riga Technical University
Organisation Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology
Zusammenfassung The vision of Semantic Web services is that computer systems shall find eligible services autonomously. This can be realised with providing semantic description about advertised and requested services. In this scenario a so-called matchmaker finds matches between service requirements and advertisements according to their description. Based on the ontology language DAML+OIL a proposal for an upper ontology for the semantic description of services called DAML-S exists already. Also, approaches were introduced, which act as matchmakers for DAML-S descriptions. The contribution of this work is a new algorithm, which ranks the level of matching for DAML-S descriptions. To determine the different degrees of matching, elements of the DAML-S description are considered and matched individually. With ranking a criterion is available to select a service among a large set of results. Consider the result of flat matchmaking that consists of a set of matching and another set of non-matching services. If an autonomous system must still choose one of the set of matching services. An ordered list of services provides a decision support to autonomously choose the best service possible.
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