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Security Aspects in Publish/Subscribe Systems
Zitatschlüssel Fiegeetal:2004:ScopeSec
Autor Ludger Fiege and Andreas Zeidler and Alejandro P. Buchmann and Roger Kilian-Kehr and Gero Mühl
Buchtitel Third Intl. Workshop on Distributed Event-based Systems (DEBS'04)
Seiten 44–49
Jahr 2004
ISBN 0-86341-433-8
DOI 10.1049/ic:20040381
Adresse Edinburgh, Scotland, UK
Monat may
Verlag IEE The Institution of Electrical Engineers
Zusammenfassung Publish/subscribe is emerging as a very flexible communication paradigm that is applicable to environments demanding scalable and evolvable architectures. Although considered for workflow, electronic commerce, mobile systems, and others, security issues have long been neglected in publish/subscribe systems. Recent advances address this issue, but only on a low, technical level. In this paper, we analyze the trust relationships between producers, consumers, and the notification infrastructure. We devise groups of trust to model and implement security constraints both on the application and the system level. The concept of scopes helps to localize and implement security policies as an aspect of structured publish/subscribe systems.
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