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Partitioning and Mapping of Parallel Programs by Self-Organization
Zitatschlüssel HD96
Autor Hans-Ulrich Heiss and Marcus Dormanns
Buchtitel Concurrency - Practice and Experience 8,9
Seiten 685–706
Jahr 1996
Monat nov
Zusammenfassung To execute a parallel program on a multicomputer system, the tasks of the program have to be mapped to the particular processors of the parallel machine. The aim of the mapping is twofold: (i) to achieve a balanced load on the processors (partitioning problem) and (ii) to keep communication delays low by placing communicating tasks closely together (mapping). Since both the communication structure of the program and the interconnection structure of the parallel machine can be represented as graphs, the mapping problem can be regarded as a graph embedding problem to minimize communication costs. As a new heuristic approach to this NP-hard problem we apply Kohonen's selforganizing maps to establish a topology-preserving embedding. Experimental results are presented and compared to other approaches to this problem.
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