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On Quality-of-Service and Publish/Subscribe
Zitatschlüssel BeFiMu:2006:QoSPubSub
Autor Stefan Behnel and Ludger Fiege and Gero Mühl
Buchtitel 5th Intl. Workshop on Distributed Event-based Systems (DEBS'06)
Seiten 20
Jahr 2006
ISBN 0-7695-2541-5
DOI 10.1109/ICDCSW.2006.77
Adresse Lisbon, Portugal
Monat jul
Verlag IEEE Press
Zusammenfassung Publish-subscribe is a powerful paradigm for distributed communication based on decoupled producers and consumers of information. Its event-driven nature makes it very appealing for large-scale data dissemination infrastructures. Various architectures were proposed in recent years that provide very diverse features. However, there are few well-defined metrics in the publish-subscribe area that would allow their evaluation and comparison. In this paper, we provide a broad overview of relevant quality-of-service metrics and describe their specific meaning in the context of distributed and decentralized publish-subscribe systems. Our goal is to provide a common base for future evaluations of emerging systems and for the design of quality-of- service aware publish-subscribe infrastructures.
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