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Performance Evaluation of Data Structures for Admission Control in Bandwidth Brokers
Zitatschl├╝ssel BH02
Autor Lars-Olof Burchard and Hans-Ulrich Heiss
Buchtitel Proceedings of Symposium on Performance Evaluation of Computer and Telecommunication Systems (SPECTS) 2002, San Diego
Jahr 2002
Zusammenfassung Bandwidth brokers act as a management component in networks and allow to enable resource reservations (QoS guarantees). In a bandwidth broker, fast and efficient admission control is an important task which might completely dominating the broker's response time to a reservation request. In case the reservation is made in advance, i.e. a longer period of time before the actual requirement for QoS is established (advance reservation), it is necessary to use data structures allowing to cover longer time periods. In this paper, an array and a segment tree specially designed for the admission control task were examined. The tree was extended in order to achieve a better memory utilization and shorter admission times compared to the original implementation. Nevertheless, the evaluation shows the superiority of arrays concerning both memory requirement and admission time for nearly any of the examined scenario.
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