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Operating System Project and Seminar

Project and Seminar (9 CP/6 weekly hours) 0432 L 567 in WS 2017/18


News, slides, and other resources are available on the ISIS-page of the course. Please register yourself using the module's registration form in ISIS2.


2 - 4 pm
EN 354

4 - 6 pm
EN 354
project group meeting
10 - 12 am
EN 354
project group meeting
Limited number of participants!

Start: 16.10.2017


Informatik (MSc) and Technische Informatik (MSc): Equivalent to module Operating System Project and Seminar


Cyber-physical systems are interactions between computing and non-computing elements. In the context of a multi-robot environment, coordination and collaboration among its individuals remains a major challenge. We propose a distributed operating system that treats robots as mobile resources and provides guaranteed resource allocation.

In order to achieve that scheduling of robots in space and time is necessary. This involves path planning, collision avoidance, vehicle routing. For smaller groups of robots a centralized scheduler is feasible. As the number of robots grows a central instance becomes inefficient. Therefore, hierarchical or decentralized scheduling approaches (incorporating path planning and vehice routing) gain importance.

Other topics are possible if they fit into our general research.




The following topics will be subject of the class: 

  • Space-time scheduling
  • Path planning
  • Collision avoidance
  • Vehicle routing
  • centralized, hierarchical or decentralized approaches
  • Development and analysis of algorithms
  • Distributed and parallel programming

Learning outcomes

  • Successful teamwork
  • Self-organization (roles, mile stones, interfaces, …)
  • Insight into current research


  • Active continuous attendance
  • Seminar presentation
  • Seminar paper
  • Successful participation in the project
  • Technical documentation
  • Presentation of project results


  • Good programming knowledge
  • Interest in algorithms